April 21, 2007

Pissed On Politics

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April 21, 2007 A Conspiracy Wingnuts Can Support Multi Medium reports via Atrios and Glenn Greenwald on an article written by long time NeoCon Champion Melanie Phillips titled ‘I found Saddam’s WMD bunkers’ The wingnuts are going apeshit over this new found "proof" of Saddam's "massive stockpiles of wmd". I'm really not sure what the point is. I think the wingnuts suppose this would help justify the last 4 years of meaningless death and carnage while our treasury was simultaneously drained. The conspiracy theory basically goes like this: The CIA found vast underground bunkers of WMD chuck full of chemical and biological weapons along with the material to make a nuclear bomb. And then somehow in the middle of the night Iraqis, Syrians, and Russians (that's right, I said Russians) moved ALL the WMD over the border into Syria. And now Syria (closely aligned with Iran ofcourse) is shipping those WMD to Iran.
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