May 19, 2008

free tools

here is a list of links for some great little tools ALL FREE!!! FIREFOX 3.0 new version of firefox screaming speed puts internet explorer back in the dark ages!! WHERE IT BELONGS WITH BILL GATES' HAIRCUT !!! DirPrint make directory lists anytime and fast VLC the ONLY video player you will ever need plays them all!! if not either the file is corrupt or its a hoax!! What's Running 2.2 =================== What's Running is a tool to help you explore what is actually running on your computer. By giving you a detailed look into Processes, Services, Drivers, IP-connections etc you can get a more detailed understanding of what's going on in your computer. MP3-Info Extension great tools shows in file manager bit rates of all mp3s handy and free World Clock 2001World Clock 2001 wonder what time it is in Timbuktu?? this is for you World Clock page: Notepad2, a fast and light-weight Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting. This program can be run out of the box without installation, and does not touch your system's registry. easier to read and fast

April 4, 2008

new car!!!

NEW CAR!!!!!!! also "Sausage our pet moose !!!!

February 27, 2008

unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, exotic Indonesia. Vast untouched rainforests. Orangutans swinging through the jungle. Horribly polluted rivers on Java, destroyed in less than a generation, as pointed out recently by Oddity Central and last year by The Daily Mail. from friskodude blog have to be seen to believe it !!!!!!!!! I guess this place will never get better now sad for the poor SOBs that are stuck living there!!!

February 24, 2008

Google censors itself for China Google has offered a Chinese-language version of its search engine for years but users have been frustrated by government blocks on the site. The company is setting up a new site - - which it will censor itself to satisfy the authorities in Beijing. Google argued it would be more damaging to pull out of China altogether. While removing search results is inconsistent with Google's mission, providing no information... is more inconsistent with our mission Google statement Chinese results toe the line Critics warn the new version could restrict access to thousands of sensitive terms and web sites. Such topics are likely to include independence for Taiwan and the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. LET'S GET REAL HERE Google argued it would be more damaging to pull out of China altogether. YEAH RIGHT !!!!!!!! be damaging to Google's bottom line thats a lots of fucking add /search cash for google I cant wait for a new fringe search engine google days as a good guy are long gone !!!!!!