May 26, 2007

Music List

here is the first installment of my music list!!!!

I do not know how it will take to enter it all here since just the first hard drive list is over 80 pages!!!

BUT I'll try my best !!!


19th Street Red

19th Street Red\Red Hot;

2 Aces & A Jack

2 Aces & A Jack -\Hot As You Got

2000 Lbs of Blues;

2000 Lbs of Blues\Almost the Greatest Show on Earth

2000 Lbs of Blues\King

2000 Lbs of Blues\living large

50 Mission Blues Band

50 Mission Blues Band -\60 Minutes to Burn – 2000


6V6\Burning Blue

6V6\Fire Bottle

6V6\Tube Rejuvenator


9_Below_0\9_Below_0 - Don't Point Your Finger At The Guitar Man

9_Below_0\9_Below_0 - Hats Off 2004

9_Below_0\9_Below_0 - Live In London

9_Below_0\9_Below_0 - Off The Hook

9_Below_0\9_Below_0 - On The Road Again


Aardvarks Bad Boys Blues Band\Aardvarks Bad Boys Blues Band


Aerosmith 2004 - honkin' on bobo

After Tea

After Tea\Jointhouse Blues

Al & the Coholics\(2001) Goin' Down Slow

Alabama 3

Alabama 3\(2003) Last Train To Mashville Vol 2

Alabama 3\Alabama 3 - Exhile On Coldharbour Lane (1997

Alabama 3\Alabama 3 [2002] Power In The Blood

Albatross (Barry McCabe

Albatross (Barry McCabe)\Blues Landing

Albatross (Barry McCabe)\Everybody's Got The Blues

Aldis & The Blue Cats Blues Band

Aldis & The Blue Cats Blues Band\Mosquito Water

Alger 'Texas' Alexander

Alger 'Texas' Alexander\texas troublesome blues

Alligator Stew

Alligator Stew\2001-a first taste of

Alligator Stew Welcome To Monticello ... Live [2003


AM5\This is the AM5

Animals & Sonny Boy Williamson

Animals & Sonny Boy Williamson\- Pontiac Blues

Arnesen Blues Band

Arnesen Blues Band\- Later in the Evening

Ayanna & The Soulmates

Ayanna & The Soulmates\2002 - Looking For A Home Too

Bernard Allison

Bernard Allison\- (05) higher power

C.C. Adcock

C.C. Adcock\2004 lafayette marquis

C.C. Adcock - Call Of The Wild

Eric Ambel & The Roscoe_Gang

Eric_Ambel & The Roscoe_Gang\Eric Ambel - Roscoe's Gang

Eric_Ambel & The Roscoe_Gang\ Loud and Lonesome

Eric_Ambel & The Roscoe_Gang\Knucklehead

Gaye Adegbalola

Gaye Adegbalola\Bitter Sweet Blues

Jean Paul Amouroux

Jean Paul Amouroux Boogie for 3 Pianos Vol 1 [1990

Jean Paul Amouroux - Boogie for 3 Pianos Vol 2

Johnny A

Johnny A\2004 get inside

Kid Andersen

Kid Andersen\Rock Awhile (Feat. Junior Watson

Little Willie Anderson

Little Willie Anderson\swinging the blues

Luther Allison

Luther Allison\hand me down my moonshine

Monti Amundson

Monti Amundson\Big Monti – Live

Monti Amundson & The Blubinos - man on the floor

Peggy Scott Adams

Peggy Scott Adams\Hot & Sassy

Peggy Scott Adams 1999 - Undisputed Queen

The Aces

The Aces\Chicago beats

Wingnut Adams & Friends

Wingnut Adams & Friends\The Blues Ain't Always Pretty -2003

Takáts Tamás Dirty Blues Band

Takáts Tamás Dirty Blues Band-Megöl a vágy
They might be the best band from Hungary well worth listening to... even if you Hungarian is just as bad as mine !!!! (or more like ZERO !!!!!!) I have 4 of their albums one of them is actually in English takáts tamás dirty blues band 1996 Élõ blues with the Dirty Band covering old Blues standards like "hoochie coochie man" and " boom boom boom" But they really shine when they sign in their own native tongue Contact me or let me know if you ever find a site for them!!!

The King and not I !!!!!!

well can you believe that after all them years the movie "The King and I " is still banned in Thailand !!! both versions ... funny thing is the remake was film in Thailand!!!

May 7, 2007

MAY 6TH homeconing

well couple pics from D Day here long awaited day!!!!! Finally they made it to Canada from Thailand first pic is when they were just wlking out of immigration/custom