May 7, 2007

MAY 6TH homeconing

well couple pics from D Day here long awaited day!!!!! Finally they made it to Canada from Thailand first pic is when they were just wlking out of immigration/custom


Annette said...

Dear Marc

I know this day has been long awaited. I'm so happy to see your family has finally arrived!

It's wonderful to see the joy on their faces. I can only imagine the joy YOU felt welcoming them to their new home.

I wish all of you much love and happiness.

Annette said...

Dear Marc,

I know how long you've waited for this day. The joy on your family's face is wonderful. I'm sure your heart was filled with excitement on their arrival to their new home.

Nim, Kom, Kim, welcome to Canada!

Much love and happiness to all of you. May you never be seperated again!