April 21, 2007

Muang Boran Journal

interesting publication on Thai art and culture in our modern days
thank god its translated into English too!!!!!
The operation of Muang Boran Journal for the past 30 years has been quite the opposite with the research, collection and report of data and evidence in the form of art, culture, history and archaeological sites that are in the process of disappearing and changing. Also, there is the coordination of problem solving and presentation of local knowledge in order that interested persons and young people will learn. The birth of Muang Boran Journal is related to Muang Boran [The Ancient City] in Samut Prakan that was built by Khun Lek Viriyapan (1914 – 2000). To construct Muang Boran Khun Lek had to go and study the evidence himself at historical, cultural and archaeological sites throughout various regions all over the Kingdom. When he saw information and evidence regarding historical and archaeological sites that were disappearing due to modern development, Khun Lek sent in a team of experts to inspect and do research and publish the results in Muang Boran Journal. Another important person from that time was the late Ajarn Prayura Uluchada or No Na Pak Nam (1928 – 2000) who wrote, researched and took photographs of art and architecture along with the cultural surroundings and the people in the regions.

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