April 21, 2007

Thailand rejects US military offer to help end south unrest

Thailand rejected on Friday a US offer of military assistance to help quell an insurgency in the country’s Muslim-majority south, saying the unrest was an internal matter. The United States, a close ally of Thailand, has reportedly offered to help the kingdom rein in the unrest, which has killed more than 2,100 people since January 2004.

How can they pass an offer like that??? LOL we all saw how good of a job the Yanks have done at stopping violence in Iraq, and other places ... like their own universities, high school and neigborhoods!!!!!!!!


two crows said...

absolutely. 'help' like the US would give them they certainly DON'T need!

they've seen what a heckuva job the US has been doing in the middle east.

marc's stuff said...

well hope you caugh my sarcasm here hehehe
Yanks should go home and stare at the map they can read: with the Americas in the middle so they can find their own country LOL
just another way The American new inmperailists try to get intop others business of course Im very glad the Thais just brushed the offer away