January 8, 2007

Thai food aroy mack mack!!!!!!

Thai food is the BEST food in the world!!!!
It has it all:
aromas, looks, tastes,
and of course SPICINESS!!!!
But not all Thai food is "phet" (Thai for spicy)
but no matter what its always delicious
If you go there make sure you sample
the Street vendors too or
you will miss on some of the best Thailand has to offer
do not let your 'western" phobia about germs
stop you . I met many tourits there that were so scared of the food, they would only eat in them big hotels they staying at. Funny thing is .... the kitchen staff just goes to the same markets to buy their supplies as the hawkers!!!
then of course charge big bucks for it!!!!
Welcome to Appon's Thai Recipes
one of the best I ever found...
very authentic too
another very good site
their Yam Moo recipe is the same my wife uses
and you better believe it its as authentic as it gets!!!!
SHE IS THAI!!!!!!!

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