January 23, 2007

Keep on rockin in the free world!!!!!!

Around 100 people a day , ordinary folks mostly die every day in Iraq, by the time this thing is over the body count will be in the hundreds of thousands, I will bet it will higher then whatever good old Sadam ever did to his people. Wouldn't you say this qualify for a charge for crime against humanity??

Now he will bring more troops to try to patch his mistakes;
all this gonna do will be adding up to the body count on all sides and get Iran to speed up its nuke program, after all didn't work too well for Sadam to stop his quest.
The Bush gang got its revenge too a barbaric lynching right out of bad western movie.
Gee you got to know there is a problem at the execution when the most dignified person present is the mass murderer himself!!!!
Meanwhile the real axis of evil is right there still: the US oil barons/military complex and its appetite for energy, the brutal regimes of the oil kingdoms (Saudis, Koweit, Qatar etc..)
the silence of the masses from the USA, Europe and so called democratic western world
You better watch out now China is on the rise
and having its very own secret agendas for its ever growing energy hunger
i.e : MAMMASSAN LOOK!!!!! I can shot satellites down too now!!!!
In the mean time the dictature of nuclear Pakistan is holding by a thread ripe to fall to the very people that Bush war was suppose to take care of.
Keep on rockin in the free world!!!!!!

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