September 8, 2006

Fighting for Peace... its' like screwing for virginity!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warlord Bush finally let the cat out of the bag . They do have secret prisons and use"strong" interrogation techniques.. What the fuck its that supposed to mean??? I get it: the US gov. is now like the Fourth Reich SEIG BUSH !!!!! Goebels dreamed to have a CNN or Foxnews to filter his crap to the masses!!!!!! when will the American people wake up and smell the coffee?? looks like they wont ... too busy being scared of Osama and the pork haters dudes... I guess they forgot a warning from one of their own: Who that gives a little freedom away to get a little security will get neither (Benjamin Franklin) to Steven Harper the Prime minister: Stevee!!! wake up now Get our folks out of cleaning the Yankees shit!!!!!! It stinks and they deserve better then that. Most of them join to have a cozy home job, not to be stuck protecting warlords and their poppy fields!!!!

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